Busting Technology Consulting Myths

May 23, 2019
Busting Technology Consulting Myths

With today’s competitive market and talent shortage, companies are increasingly using consulting services to supplement their workforce. According to Quartz, 40% of America’s workforce, or roughly 60 million people, will be contract, temp, or self-employed workers by 2020. Despite this growth, there are many technology consulting myths in the market, which we debunk here.Consulting offers candidates the opportunity to grow their work experience, frequently in a more accelerated way. Consultants have the opportunity to work with emerging technologies, different clients, and to solve a wide variety of problems. The flexibility of consulting attracts many candidates. As a consultant, you can control what projects you take, when you take them and where you work. While the pay, variety, and freedom are obvious benefits of consulting, there are often misconceptions about consulting work.

Here are some common technology consulting myths and the true facts about them:

Consulting is short-term.Not true! Most of our technical consulting engagements start with a 12-month term and many extend year-to-year.In fact, many organizations use contract-to-hire positions to staff their full-time positions in as little as 4-12 months.Consulting doesn’t offer benefits.Many companies (including neteffects) offer a full suite of benefits including overtime pay, health, dental, vision, 401K with a match and PTO. Do your research and find out what type of benefits a consulting firm can offer you!Consulting is not stable.There is a significant increase in demand for outsourced consulting services. In fact, over half of hiring managers report that they cannot find candidates with the right skills (Inavero 2018 NPS® Survey). Companies work with outside consultants to maximize efficiency and control costs while still getting the services required. Market estimates indicate that this gap in talent, especially in technology, will only worsen and hiring consultants will be part of every organization’s recruiting strategy.Consulting firms don’t take care of their employees.Firms like neteffects put time and effort into making great matches for their consultants and clients, offering job placement, resume writing and interviewing prep services. Additionally, neteffects provides a dedicated consultant care program, ensuring contractors are supported with regular check-ins, education & training, remarketing for new opportunities and sponsored meetups.Technology consulting myths are just that, myths. Overall, consulting is one of the fastest growing employment types in the US. If you are interested in exploring an exciting career in consulting, you need a partner like neteffects to help you find the right opportunity and get started quickly.

There are many reasons to try consulting, but there are even more reasons to consult with neteffects:

Benefits Packageneteffects celebrates technology and technology professionals. We offer a competitive benefits package, including Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, 401k, PTO packages and more. Remarketing ProcessWhen your project is nearing completion, we help prepare your next consulting opportunity with neteffects. With resume review, interview prep and offer negotiation, we work hard to help you excel. Personal TouchWe work to quickly place you in an ideal position for your talents and expertise.We are available for regular check-ins as needed, whether it’s a quick call, email, coffee or lunch, we support as much or as little interaction as you’d prefer. neteffects sponsors many events and employee-only social gatherings each year. “We care, simply stated. We care about the person, their career, their growth and their success. We dive in to help them work through challenges and work with them to ensure their success. Most companies say that but we actually do it. That is why I came to neteffects and it is the same reason why I stay at neteffects.” (Tera Hockaday, neteffects, Director of Recruiting ).


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