Overseas Talent Success Story: Saudi Arabia Project

An international telecom manufacturer needed to fill a variety of talent openings with skill-sets including Program Managers, Performance Analysts and Network Administrators during a critical stage of their project in Saudi Arabia. Strapped for time, the client reached out to multiple firms in order to reach their goal.


Recognizing the immediate need for an in-country Staff Manager to perform the admin functions, provide day-t0-day Consultant support and ongoing needs analysis we sought to fill this role first – and worked in conjunction with this individual to coordinate all subsequent placements that would be needed. From our quick response and high quality talent submissions, Neteffects was able to provide the talent for over 95% of the company’s 50 requirements. All 40 Consultants worked with the client through to project completion.

Build a Development Team in 5 Days

AT&T, a global telecommunications company, needed to build a web development team with more than 10 people, for a critical project starting within five days. AT&T reached out to five firms to respond to the request, and then narrow it down to one firm to ultimately lead the effort. The goal was to first find a Project Lead who would then be trained to conduct interviews and subsequently create a team of developers, analysts, and quality assurance analysts for this special.


Neteffects’ team of Recruiters worked around the clock to identify, screen, and submit the best candidates to AT&T. As a result of our quick response and the quality of the candidates presented, Neteffects was selected to lead the entire effort and staff the entire team. There was no turnover throughout the duration of this project.

Create a New Division & Ramp Up Staff

RGA, an international global life and health reinsurance company, needed assistance with the staff development for a new customer facing service division that would focus on servicing the needs of key clients all around the world. The new division called for customer-centric technology professionals with an availability to travel for weeks at a time and could assimilate quickly to the RGA culture. In addition, the team would need to be assembled within a tight time-frame and have the option to hire any of the talent supplied by Neteffects.


Neteffects partnered with RGA to develop an efficient interview process and focused recruitment efforts. Our team was able to work within the tight time-frame and generate over-all cost savings by providing a multi-talent rate. The new division was created, staffed and ready to serve RGA client’s and after demonstrating their excellent performance, many of the Neteffects’ Consultants supplied for these efforts were converted to full RGA employees.

Create an Enterprise Notification System

Neteffects was tapped by a private financial services firm to provide the talent to create an enterprise notification system that would unite over 25 existing systems using Middleware technology.


Our Consultants evaluated and recommended new technologies and an application development methodology that included the definition of a common information model. Managing a team of 15 direct reports and various other personnel from the support department allowed for a reduction in the cost of project ownership, maintenance costs and complexity, while increasing developer productivity.

Hard to Fill IT Positions For Rapidly Expanding Company

Hard to fill IT positions can present a a real challenge to any company, but when you’re a large IT System Integrator experiencing rapid growth, finding a solution can become even more critical. As this was our first opportunity to work with this client, Neteffects’ goal was to fill their most critical positions in 1 month.


Putting together a focused recruiting effort based on our neTalent Match process, we were able to help this client fill 3 of their most critical positions in one month, and fill other positions vital to the success of the growth of the company. Some of the roles required talent to have extensive experience in network design, project management, and security.

Introducing and Implementing New Standards and Products

To support the quality initiatives with the worldwide roll out of a new system, RGA was adopting ITIL service support standards and implementing HP Service Desk. The need for a strong Project Manager with HP Service Desk and another Project Manager with extensive knowledge of ITIL was required. The approaching deadline that RGA had made it critical to add senior-level skills fast.


Neteffects provided an ITIL Certified Consultant with a long project history of successfully introducing and managing ITIL processes for the IT Service Management practice (ITSM). In addition, our Consultant had several prior implementations of HP Service Desk. This approach enabled one person to effective handle two areas of need, resulting in a cost-savings for the client who had anticipated on it taking two different people to accomplish the one task at hand. RGA was able to successfully implement ITIL and HP Service Desk, and because of our Consultant’s proven success with the projects, our Consultant was asked to work on other RGA needs.

Global Bio-Science Company Infrastructure Insourcing – Seamless Transition of Resources

A global bio-science company, specializing in agrochemicals and biotechnology, underwent an in-sourcing of all technical infrastructure services. In order to achieve this goal, the company needed service partners who could handle the transfers without any interruptions of service to their business.


Focusing on the identification of key talent to transition and the recruitment of new talent for created positions, Neteffects placed Consultants with not only the technical aptitude but strong interpersonal skills as well to help ensure a smooth transition. As a result of our efforts and strong talent placement using our neTalent Match process, the client made Neteffects a key source for recruiting technical talent to complete the massive hiring plan for their in-sourcing project and expanded their business with Neteffects.

Providing Top-Notch Marketing Management Talent to Drive Technology Commercialization

An international financial services company was faced with the need to increase market penetration and revenue streams on a global scale utilizing a strategy that would enable the commercialization of technology to lift the brand’s online experience and drive prospects with enhanced communication. Neteffects, a preferred service partner was invited to find the marketing talent to help this client with their plan.


Our team identified an Executive Consultant who had led other Fortune 100 companies and had the marketing prowess needed to drive the core business, develop new processes, and drive the efforts to launch a global technology solutions division that would benefit brand-building efforts. Our Consultant quickly became an integral part of the team, exceeding the expectations of the client. What started as a 6-month engagement quickly turned into a much longer assignment. The client’s corporate environment welcomed the change that the Consultant brought, and has since experienced a significant lift from the promotional activity, enabling the client to expand their capabilities from the growth in business.

Beyond the NOC: Finding Talent with a Broad Background to Meet Client Needs

Neteffects has built a reputation for finding talent with a “unique” skill-set. As such, a large cable telecom company tapped our team to help them identify talent that possessed a broad background of skills, including the ability to step into a NOC environment and hit the ground running to support their NMS systems. In addition, the client also wanted the talent to have a deep-understanding of day-to-day DBA work, so that this talent could also service the multiple database products in-house.


Our talent experts identified a Senior Consultant who possessed all of the skills the client required, and as an added benefit to the client, the talent also brought their extensive server administration and security to the table. Our Consultant was utilized for not only the needs that the client had to fill, but also for their expertise in other areas for which the client was able to benefit.

Payrolling Service – Access to Architecture Talent for a New Enterprise System

A large hospital system had identified several individuals they wanted to engage with as Consulting help, on a new enterprise system. They did not wish to add them as new consulting vendors or hire them as employees. Still needing the help and wishing to engage with this talent, the hospital system tapped Neteffects for their payrolling services.


With a strong history for treating it’s Consultants well, Neteffects was able to subcontract these Consultants as part of an MSP (Managed Service Provider.) Our client was able to maximize their resource utilization and minimize their costs by using the flexibility that our payrolling service has to offer.

Massive PM Task: Manage the Design and Development of a New Portfolio System

A private national financial brokerage company client needed a “Project Manger Superstar” to undertake a massive task: work with business sponsors, users, and IT staff to manage the design and development of a new Portfolio Management System for their business.


We placed one of our top Project Management Consultants to lead the charge on this project. During this time, he managed a team of 20 developers, system analysts, and testers, along with numerous other personnel from the support department. Working with business sponsors and end users, he kept the channels of communication open and flowing – including senior IT management and the CIO. In addition, our PM introduced Rational Unified Process to the project, helping to save time and money. Upon project completion, there was a 90% user acceptance and usage within the first 3 months of product roll out – a first in the firm’s history!

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