FORCE (Flexible Resource Center of Excellence)

We can fill multiple positions quickly and effortlessly with customized screening and hiring processes tailored to meet your project need. On average, a hiring manager spends 15-20 hours hiring for one role. Our FORCE solution can save this hiring time by introducing the right people at the right time. With FORCE, we help your managers save the time that they would have typically spent sifting through resumes and conducting countless interviews. Together we define roles, skills and the hiring situation (direct hire or staffing) to deliver the best qualified talent in the defined time frame.

Our unique FORCE solution:

o   Saves up to 15-20 hours per role hired
o   Reinforces your company’s brand in the talent community
o   Flexible to support customized talent acquisition strategies across Direct Hire, and Staffing
o   Streamlines process to deliver consistent results
o   Standardizes hiring practices to better align with client culture

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