Align your business and people capital strategy

People are a vital asset to all organizations, and yet doing a thorough analysis of this asset is not an area many leaders measure for overall performance and future planning. Neteffects’ People Capital Consulting service helps small and mid-size companies align their human capital strategy to meet their business goals.

We provide the following people capital consulting, planning and talent acquisition services:

All people capital consulting services are performed by certified Human Capital Strategy Consultants, accredited through the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and the Certified Contingent Workforce Professionals (CCWP) program through Staffing Industry Analysts.

Human Capital? People Capital.

Often you’ll hear the terminology Human Capital used by Human Resource professionals and staffing firms. So why does neteffects use the terminology “People Capital Consulting”?

Our view is simple:

The terms People and Humans are often used interchangeably, but the extent to which they are synonymous is the topic of philosophical debate. A human by definition is a member of the genus Homo Sapien, guided by instinct only requiring food, clothing and shelter.

We believe that our clients and the talented individuals that we work with are much more than that. Besides the basics, we believe there is a greater need for interaction and expansion of knowledge and skills.  People interact with other people in order to better understand the world around them, to collaborate, communicate, and achieve goals or produce a result. People have names, families, friends, colleagues, a story to share and attributes unique to only them.

Our clients and our talent are people. We are people. Neteffects solves business challenges with solutions made possible only by people.

In addition to People Capital Consulting, learn about our Payrolling services.

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