It all started with a “geek”

The year was 1995, the beginning of the “dot com boom” and the “world wide web” (internet) was a new frontier promising unlimited potential for businesses and individual people. Finding qualified talent with the skills to manage a company’s data-driven infrastructure and online footprint proved to be a challenge for many organizations and an opportunity for a fellow named Jack Bader.

Jack, a technologist by way of software development, had been working in the industry for some time. He knew the “web” was going to be a game changer. Businesses would need people, geeks much like himself, to help bring them into the online era.

After leaving a position at a professional services company, Jack set about building his own business – neteffects. Armed with a landline phone, dial-up connection, email address, and knowledge of surfing web “newsgroups,” he reached out to companies and contacts all over the world from his home office. Though he was met with plenty of “no’s” he soon got a “yes.”

Neteffects’ first client and consultant placement came from a company in Minnesota and word about neteffects and Jack’s talent for finding “the purple squirrel”, or hard-to-find talent, quickly spread. Soon, the business expanded overseas growing year-over-year, and Jack had to move his budding company into a proper office.

Over time, what started as a single geek, grew into a team of IT and people capital consultants 300+ strong and continues to evolve today. In 2014, neteffects rebranded, launching a whole new look and additional services. While some things may change, some remain the same. Jack, our Founding Geek, is actively involved in the business and still enjoys spending time on the (you guessed it) internet…

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