Engaging Remote Employees with New Technology

April 30, 2019

As a business the decision to let employees work remote usually does not rest upon the dedication of the employee or their commitment to success in their role. Many times the logistics of how to function when a part of the team is remote can overwhelm the conversation from the beginning. As the workforce demands more opportunity for remote and work from home options, neteffects has embraced the technology that has made doing so easier and more efficient. Gone are the times of constant phone calls and hundreds of conference line numbers, below are two specific ways neteffects has increased the success of remote workers.

Zoom Technology

The promise of one click video conferencing kick started neteffects’ use of Zoom. Known as the “Zoom Room” any employee can schedule, or simply walk into our conference room and start a meeting with one click. They can then invite employees or guests as needed to facilitate the meeting with minimal effort. Neteffects uses a 70-inch flat screen TV to project our remote attendees in a Brady Bunch-esqe fashion so all attendees feel connected. Connectivity via video and voice are impeccable and the sleek user interface via iPad is easy to use. For a quick view of how Zoom Rooms work: Zoom Conference Room Solutions For more information on the full suite of services Zoom offers: www.zoom.us

The Beam Telepresence

The most Jetson-like item in the neteffects arsenal, the Beam allows our remote works to have a telepresence in the office. In situations where mobility is key, the Beam provides remote workers the opportunity to roam the office and participate how they like. We love our Beam for in-office celebrations, one-on-one conversations and impromptu meetings in parts of the office that may not be outfitted with conference equipment. An added bonus, driving the Beam is fun! We agree with the Beam website, “We’re transforming human interaction in an increasingly virtual world. Finally, a personal and natural way to collaborate, check in and be present, no matter where you are.” For more information visit: www.suitabletech.com To read case studies: Using the Beam - Case Studies

Making Remote a Reality

Remote work is not synonymous with absent employees - the technology to bring complete connectivity to your business is available. Neteffects understands the talent market and with the competition for the best talent on the rise, more “perks” such as remote opportunities will become necessities. To learn more about how neteffects helps clients find, screen, interview and hire quality remote workers email info@neteffects.com.If you are interested in working for neteffects and want more information about or remote opportunities email careers@neteffects.com or visit our Careers Page.


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